761st Models

Don Haney of the Minnesota Military Figure Society has been working on projects based on the 761st Tank Battalion. His recently completed Men of the 761st model figure project was entered in a local Armor Modeling and Preservation Society (AMPS) competition on May 21st, 2011, where it earned a gold medal. The figures are 1/35 scale resin castings and are painted in acrylics. Don is currently working on a 1/35 scale M4A3 76(W) Sherman tank. There have been various inquiries from model builders interested in the 761st Tank Battalion. Don says, " I welcome any questions or comments you may have about the project. If interested in how this project was accomplished, you can read my build log on the Armorama discussion forum" (click here).

Don Haney Don Haney  

September 9, 2013, update:  Donald has "completed 761st Sherman that I was working on ... back in April but I still have plans for a scenic base."