homer.jpg This list is a work-in-progress collecting names of 761st Tank Battalion veterans (showing their 1945 rank) from various reliable sources.

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Adams, Clifford C PVT
Adams, Price ?
Adamson, Garland N M.D. CPT
Aikens, Albert PFC
Allen, Samuel TECH4
Allen, Luther ?
Anderson, Alexander S PVT
Anderson, L Z SGT
Anderson, Peter PVT
Anderson, Trezzvant W Civilian
Anderson, William E PVT
Anderson, Bruce 2LT
Armstead, John L Sr ?
Armstrong, Emile I PVT
Arvin, Allen SSG
Ashby, Charles P TECH4
Ashly, Thomas SGT
Audry, Robert C CPL
Austin, Ira TECH5
Austin, Frank B ?
Bagwell, Lawrence R 1LT
Bailey, Charles ?
Bailey, Lee F PVT
Baker, James T CPT
Balfour, Frank H Jr 2LT
Ball, Linson TECH4
Ballard, Moses SGT
Barbour, Charles H 1LT
Barrier, George L CPT
Bates, Paul L LTC
Bell, Alexander SSG
Bell, Frank TECH4
Bentley, Twyman E PVT
Bigelow, George D ?
Black, Willie SGT
Blake, George C PFC
Blake, William E 2LT
Bond, Jesse J TECH4
Boozer, Robert C PFC
Bough, Levi "Yogi" PFC
Bough, Lewis C ?
Bowman, Carl 1LT
Bowman, Howard TSGT
Bracey, Homer CPL
Bragg, Thomas S PVT
Branch, Buddie V CPL
Bremer, August W CPT
Briscoe, Robert W PVT
Brooks, Charles PVT
Brooks, Simon SGT