761st Tank Battalion and Allied Veterans Association


A Company of the 761st Tank Battalion at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana (a very large version of this picture is the last photo in this album -- it allows you to see more detail, but it will probably require scrolling around to see all the parts of the photograph.)


  • Anonymous coward on 2003-May-27 16:20:46 Anonymous coward said

    Is this Able Company 761st TK BN? In the middle, David Williams? To his left Sam Brown for sure. To his right, Warren Taylor? He appears to be smiling??? Where is Rivers? Where is Dade? Did this come from Warren Taylor's personal collection?

    This is a great find!!!
  • Anonymous coward on 2003-May-27 16:22:41 Anonymous coward said

    Rivers must be the sixth person from the left??? How about Charles Ashby?
  • Anonymous coward on 2003-May-27 16:35:02 Anonymous coward said

    Johnnie Stevens - my guess is that he is in the second row, third from left with his arms folded. Who else???
  • Anonymous coward on 2003-Jun-26 15:04:49 Anonymous coward said

    Charles Ashby sat with Service Company during this photo session at Camp Claiborne.
  • 761st Tank Battalion and Allied Veterans Association on 2003-Jul-17 19:01:01 761st Tank Battalion and Allied Veterans Association said

    Able Company 761st Tank Battalion at Camp Claiborne, La. That is indeed David J. Williams II, Warren F. Taylor Sr., Ruben Rivers, and Johnnie Stevens Jr. Floyd Dade Jr. came to Able Company after this photo session.
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Nov-11 21:14:53 Anonymous coward said

    Second row from the back, second to last man on the end. Can someone id him please? I'm searching for my father. Govt has 'lost records in fire' for the period he served.
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Oct-31 05:56:12 Anonymous coward said

    Shauna Dade
    This picture was taken before my father, Floyd Dade was assigned to the 761st. This is Able company!

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