761st Tank Battalion and Allied Veterans Association


May 1945 outside Steyr, Austria – Staff Sgt. Floyd Dade (arm upraised) at hearing of the victory in Europe – the 761st Tank Battalion had linked up with the First Ukranian Army


  • Anonymous coward on 2003-Jun-26 21:02:34 Anonymous coward said

    Floyd Dade, Jr. was an outstanding football player. Here they just completed a touch football game. Floyd went on to play fullback with a US Army team in Germany following the war.
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Jan-12 21:54:30 Anonymous coward said

    what a joy at least i, rosemarie mc graw, a brown war baby as they called us, can believe now that one of you might be my father.
    never knew anything about him. my mother, named stefanie luxbauer 19 yr. old austrian red cross nurse in linz, near Steyr, stil refuses at the age of 77 to tell me the whole truth, why i was born. her stories seem somewhat unbelievable.
    thank you floyd, for letting me believe i saw my dad on one of those fabulous pictures, i see them for the fist time in my 58 years. love and peace to all of you.

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