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Stars and Stripes front page, November 27, 1944. Floyd Dade writes about this picture: "The picture of me on the tank in stars and Stripes is an action picture. We prevented a counterattack. We had a tank battle there, the knocked out tank was one of the 4th Armored Divsion."


  • Anonymous coward on 2003-Jun-26 20:59:12 Anonymous coward said

    The Stars & Stripes incorrectly credited the 4th Armored Division when it was actually the 761st Tank Battalion. Guebling, France November 1944.
  • 761st Tank Battalion and Allied Veterans Association on 2003-Sep-12 19:55:09 761st Tank Battalion and Allied Veterans Association said

    Let me clarify this. The 761st tank battalion was attached to the 3rd Army "supporting" the 26th Infantry Div. and General Patton's Fourth Armored Division. So that makes the 761st a part of the Fourth Armored Division. The tank we were behind (the picture above)was a Fourth Armored Div. knocked out tank. The 4th Armored Division was pulled out and we, the 761st relieved them.

    Some more information about the photo in Guebling from a paragraph about the battle taken from Chapter 10 "Hit Hard" By David J. Williams. (Mr. Williams was Company A's Captain - He received the Silver Star Medal, two Purple Hearts, and four Campaign Stars in the ETO - European Theatre of Operations) "The main street of Guebling evidenced the violence of the battle the Fourth Armored division had here. Two burned out infantry half-tracks cowered by the church, and a tank was turned sideways on the road at the edge of the town nearest the enemy. One of Colonel Lyons's staff officers picked up from among the debris an enlisted man's coat with the Fourth Armored Division patch on the left shoulder. Evening was coming on quick, it was getting cold, and Colonel Lyons and I both look around the knocked out half-tracks to see if we could find two more overcoats." This book is out of print but if you are interested in purchasing a copy contact www.harvestbooks.com, they specialize in getting out of print and hard to find books.
  • Anonymous coward on 2004-Mar-21 04:50:06 Anonymous coward said

    I was a PFC with the 101stInf Regiment of the 26th (Yankee)Division when I went around these two pictured tanks to enter the barn where we had a CP. The photo caption identified the two figures in the turret as Cpl E.Humdy and Pfc Floyd Dade. I later saved this photo when I saw it in the Stars and Stripes. Then, almost 46 years later on July 13,1995 while touring my WW2 path with my son and son-in-law, I by chance met Mr Floyd Dade in St.Mere-eglese near Utah Beach. We chatted and discovered our common experience. The probability of that meeting was unbelieveably remote! I have since had the pleasure of staying in contact with Floyd and his wonderful wife Edris. They have performed a marvelous service in achieving recognition and commendations for their comrades. Congratulations for your service here and later in the Battle of the Bulge! Oscar Jensen
  • Anonymous coward on 2004-Apr-21 19:05:35 Anonymous coward said

    According to the unit's official history (COME OUT FIGHTING), their Presidential Unit Citation, and the Order of Battle, the 761st Tank Battalion was attached to the 26th, 87th, 79th, 95th, 103rd, and 71st Infantry Divisions and the 17th Airborne Division. The 761st was never a part of the 4th Armored Division.
  • Anonymous coward on 2004-Jun-03 16:20:44 Anonymous coward said

    I am the granddaughter of Mozee Thompson Jr. and really enjoy reading up on the history of the 761st Tank Battalion.
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Oct-14 02:43:58 Anonymous coward said

    Oscar W. Jensen
    I was saddened to receive the notice of Floyd's passing in the mail earlier this week. Thank you Floyd for what you have done for your country and for your people.
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Oct-31 06:01:27 Anonymous coward said

    Shauna Dade (daughter of Floyd)
    Thank you from the Dade Family! We will all miss him with his great sense of humor and love of the men of the 761st who he called his brothers. May he Rest in Peace! Love you much DAD!!

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