761st Tank Battalion and Allied Veterans Association

Thomas Mangrum and Colonel Aaron M. Dotson

What a surprise I had when I answered the doorbell and saw Ivan Harrison Jr. and Thomas Mangrum Sr. standing there. During our early childhood days Thomas and I were reared on the same street, attended the Newport News, VA same elementary and high schools; but ended up in different places during WWII. Thomas was with the 761st Tank Battalion in Europe fighting Germans and I was in the South West Pacific jungles with the 294th Port Company & the 96th Engineer Regiment, fighting Japanese.
The two of us at age 90+years have almost outlived 98% of all our peers, classmates, and military buddies from WWII. There are very few of us alive today (May 2016). The two of us enjoy recalling the early years of our childhood, and how God has blessed us, especially during and after the War. We cherish the love, support, and prayers from family and our respective church; not to mention our shared memories of hometown mutual friends, places, and events.

Special thanks to Ivan for bringing the two of us together.


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