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LTC Charles ‘Pop’ Gates, ARNG-Ret, at Fort Hood, Texas, September 15, 1993, Monument Site Announcement


  • Anonymous coward on 2003-Oct-23 23:50:50 Anonymous coward said

    Lt. Col. Philip W. Latimer, USAR-RET.

    In the middle of the battle
    When we heard his cannons roar
    We knew that "Pop" was firing
    And would give them hell and more.

    The assault guns did his talking
    In a language loud and clear
    And the message that they carried
    Know ye krauts that "Pop" is here.

    Then he got himself a company
    And the tanks were his delight
    But he pushed them ever onward
    As he led into the fight.

    Steeds of iron would often falter
    Hit by cannon or by mine
    "Pop" lost three from underneath him
    Forward still he gave the sign.

    Many Germans got to know him
    As he rolled across their land
    Then across the Austrian border
    Where he met the Russian band.

    Now all of us are older
    The war was long ago
    But we still call him "Pop"
    Because we love him so.

    I believe in flowers for the living so I have penned this small bouquet to show the high esteem in which I hold my good friend Lt. Colonel Charles A. "Pop" Gates, of Kansas City. May his deeds of valor in World War II live on as a shining example for generations of patriots yet unborn. Written by: Philip W. Latimer, Veteran of the 761st.

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